Pepin County Historical Society

"Preserving Pepin County History & Traditions for more than 20 Years"

Welcome to the Old Courthouse Museum. This building was constructed in 1873-74 for $7000, and, with the exception of the five years 1882 to 1886, it served as the Pepin County Courthouse until 1985. It and the jail next door are listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. In 1985, the Pepin County government moved to the current county government center located on 7 th Avenue West near the golf course and the Old Pepin County Courthouse became this museum.

This building is now nearly 135 years old and you see in the hallway some of the building's more recent modifications. When built, it had no electricity or plumbing. As these technologies developed, they were added. The paneled walls, suspended ceilings, and fluorescent lights were installed in the 1960s, while this structure was still a working courthouse...a time when more thought was given to what was is in vogue and useful than to what was historical. However, several areas of the building are still close to original and will give you a good idea of what the actual finish may have looked like at the time it was built.